How to Get a Payday Loan 

About 12 million Americans opt for payday loans each year. Unexpected expenses can crop up and cause issues for many individuals, and at these times, payday loans can be a useful way to get through the month and get to the next planned paycheck. Individuals under monetary duress may search “how to get a payday loan online” or “what are the steps and processes to find a payday loan” and come upon unreliable information and lenders that advertise false payday loans for bad credit. The information below explains best practices regarding applying for payday loans and what borrowers need to know.  

Is it Hard to Get a Payday Loan? 

Payday loans can be more flexible than loans from a traditional bank or credit union and application processes can be more straightforward than some other types of loans, credit cards and even other types of installment loans. 

Payday loans come with a few restrictions that typically depend on state laws and small loan regulations. While payday lending is permitted in a number of states, there are some states in the US where payday lending is not allowed. Consumers should always be sure to check the lending restrictions for where they live before applying for a loan. Consumers who live in states where payday loans are prohibited may be able to opt for installment loans instead.  


The Process 

Our service is designed to link people with the right payday lender for them. Individuals can fill out a form with their needs, where they are based, and the like, and our system will then provide potential options. 

We can help people to find direct lender payday loans, meaning that they do not need to work with a broker. Instead, they can simply make an application directly to the lender in question, having found them through our network of trusted financial products. 

 Individuals without bank accounts may have trouble finding an appropriate lender, as there is typically no “payday loans without a bank account” option from lenders. Borrowers should be sure to have the appropriate documents and application requirements upon loan application. Requirements may include a viable bank account, proof of income, and form of identification that proves age and residency.   

Once an individual has been approved for a loan by the appropriate lender, he or she can then sign an agreement that highlights details regarding when the loan needs to be paid back, repayment methods, and other necessary terms and conditions. While some payday lenders may take a postdated check, this is not always the case. Repayment options are dictated by the lender in question.  


What About Credit Checks? 

During the application process, payday lenders will typically perform a credit check. Potential applicants should note that there are no such things as “payday loan with bad credit.” Borrowers should be in good standing with their banks and have strong credit to be approved for a loan.  

Borrowers with a poor credit history or who have alternate forms of income are still eligible to apply for a short-term loan to see if they are approved. Alternate forms of income may include Social Security benefits, self-employment, royalties, or alimony and child support.  


How to Get a Payday Loan Using Our Service 

We aim to make it as simple and straightforward as possible to apply for payday loans online. Our service is a quick, easy, and free method of finding a variety of options for payday lending. We connect potential borrowers to lenders in their area, and can potentially help consumers who may be struggling financially.  

To apply through our site, you can find a direct lender by simply entering a few details. Our process is free and easy and can be done in just a few minutes, leading to a number of options. Because lending options depend on state and region, interested applicants should first check the lending restrictions in their areas before applying for a loan.